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or•gan•ic​ adjective  \ȯr-ˈga-nik\

  1 of, relating to, or involving the use of items produced without employment    

     of chemically formulated fertilizers, antibiotics, or pesticides

  2 : developing in the manner of a living organism


mix•ol•o•gist​  noun  \mik-ˈsä-lə-jist\

  1 : one trained in the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks    
  2 : a bartender with understanding, knowledge, and practice in combining flavors

     with spirits

Organic Mixologist is a new concept in healthy and eco-friendly cocktails.
Enjoy our in-house cocktail catering as well as a small and fun informative session for you and your guests to enter the fun world of mixology!
We can develop your bar concept from the beginning, creating an outstanding cocktail list, and on top of that your staff can be trained by a mixologist with over 18 years experience.

Come with us and discover the organic mixologist in you!
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